The Little Bird and the Man on the Mountain
Tuesday — May 12th, 2015

The Little Bird and the Man on the Mountain

I found this comic squirreled away in my 2014 drafts folder. The story was designed with a younger audience in mind but it'll do well enough to serve not just as a cautionary tale to those who would do good deeds for the elderly but also as a warning to my enemies...roastytoasty is back. Irregularly updating, but back. ooh they're really going to hate that... dave

Cycle Length On Clomid

Cycle Length On Clomid, What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. Am I right. Ok, I'll elaborate a little...This week I refreshed my memory on why telling a little pork pie here and there can cause much unrest. Not just in my tummy but also in the very fabric of modern society, 250mg Cycle Length On Clomid.

So I have a little sideline from the comics, writing silly poems at work which get posted into a networked poetry folder - we had an offshoot here at roastytoasty called 'Auntie Agatha's Shallow Grave of Poetry' which I will be bringing back as soon as I work out how to display it online.

Anyways, the theme for the week was pride so I wrote a poem called 'Gay Pride' which went as follows: In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lions play Belgian trance and go antiquing.' Silly really...but certainly not what I would call offensive, Cycle Length On Clomid.

The post was removed the day of its posting which really ground my gears. Cycle Length On Clomid ebay, So I wrote a complaint to the folder moderators. To press the point home, I told them that as a gay man, I found this to be fairly discriminatory; and in my defence, as a gay man, Cycle Length On Clomid india, I'm sure I would find it discriminatory. I'm not gay as far as sexual orientation goes but I am more comfortable with the idea of the “gay” lifestyle than I am with the “Alpha male drink-scratch-monstertruck-football” lifestyle; but I don't feel that sexuality really has much bearing on whether a fairly lightweight poem should or should not be censored. Cycle Length On Clomid, To elaborate further, I'm not sure if you know, but Xbox live has been causing a stir recently by removing any username containing the word gay or lesbian. Microsoft have refused to move on this point; essentially ruling that gay and lesbian are dirty words. 50mg Cycle Length On Clomid, Back to the white lie...So there was a retraction of the retraction and I was advised that there had been some rather unfortunate poems coming through to the folder in the light of the recent Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras so to keep from offending, gay themed posts were removed; but after reading my email, it was allowed to be re-submitted. Now I felt bad enough for my deception and I guess for somehow cheapening my reasoning for getting all up in their business so I apologised for being snappy and made a flimsy excuse about not having enough morning coffee but felt justified in standing up against any broad-sweep censorship being undertaken.

What followed was some rather serious damage control on their part and as each new email came through (establishing their lack of sexual discrimination), Cycle Length On Clomid us, I sank further and further into a malaise of my own creation. I was way in over my head, Cycle Length On Clomid. I felt dirty and ashamed for what I had done but was too far in to admit the lie and clear the air. After about ten emails placating my moral outrage, Cycle Length On Clomid australia, the moderators commented in the folder on the commendable poem that I had written. One had gone so far as to liken my poems to a poetic version of The Far Side – which got me onto the subject of the website (I now promote without even thinking about it). So I gave them the web address, only realising later that there are a few blogs that I've written which describe my amorous misadventures - all quite clearly describing which team I bat for. Cycle Length On Clomid, So what I had ultimately achieved by standing up for those who didn't request it, was a small victory against censorship and discrimination, some possible hurt feelings on behalf of the moderators, a weight of concern for my moral fibre, and the additional concern that my poetry will now be received like the emperors new clothes. “It doesn't matter what the content is, 100mg Cycle Length On Clomid, because it's the emperor, and isn't it great that he is out amongst the people!” Not the desired effect, but machinations have a tendency to get out of hand. Cycle Length On Clomid paypal, So is that what this blog is about. That we sink so far into our own deceptions that it becomes harder and harder to redeem ourselves. Or is it that whilst a little censorship is probably a good thing, a lot is certainly a travesty. Or perhaps it is that we significantly shape our own lives based on the perceptions we let others make, Cycle Length On Clomid. It could just be yet another anecdote of the B-grade situational comedy of errors I continue to let myself get into, 500mg Cycle Length On Clomid. Yep. Probably that one...

So to finish, 200mg Cycle Length On Clomid, I would like to apologise for my misdirection – happy though I am with another blog to post. Cycle Length On Clomid, Even if it does cause me to be “in'd” by any folder moderators that may be reading this. Oh, it is also worth mentioning that because I had been allowed to re-post my poem, the following day somebody else posted a reasonably offensive gay related poem – referencing mine which made me sad. As a gay man, I was seriously offended but thought better than to get back on my high horse. To quote the great Kenny Rogers, "You've got to know when to hold 'em." So I cut my losses and walked away. The moderators removed the post later that day.

Yours sincerely,


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Zithromax Magnesium

Zithromax Magnesium, Not my words, but the powerful europop ramblings of Eiffel 65 frontman Jeffrey Jey. His daring take on the world's unwillingness to commit to the imminent threat of climate collapse really blew the late 90's music scene out of the water. But now, almost a decade later, Zithromax Magnesium canada, how has his legacy been continued.

At times I worry that I might be one of those opulent westerners you hear so much about. 500mg Zithromax Magnesium, I think I have probably spent more time asking what the world can do for me and not enough time asking what I can do for the world. But now that my webcomic is such a delightful shade of green, I can't help but think about helping, and surely that is the first step to actually helping, Zithromax Magnesium.

The problem is that practically everything associated with protecting the environment works against some well established conceptions we all picked up from a very early age. As children we were forced against our will to tidy up and take out the trash etc...all chores, all laborious and tiresome and all taking us away from something infinitely more important, Zithromax Magnesium mexico. As we've grown older, we have had to condition ourselves to accept them as necessary evils and get on with the job of cleaning up. 250mg Zithromax Magnesium, For me, like most males, it was about 3 months of living by myself that made me realise I was responsible for what was rotting in the kitchen and what was growing in the bathroom. Zithromax Magnesium, Ecological balance needed to be set. Sure it took a while to contain and maintain but it's not something I now drag my feet to do like it was for me as a child.

So what's to stop us achieving the same on a global scale, 20mg Zithromax Magnesium. Well for one, mother nature can't send us to our room if we don't do it. 150mg Zithromax Magnesium, Technically we're already in our room, so the punishment hardly fits the crime. We can't change the world in one bold step for mankind, but maybe if we continue plotting a course of baby steps, Zithromax Magnesium usa, we might have a chance. The time has come to admit that it is not enough to tisk our way through “An Inconvenient Truth” and feel morally stronger for having watched it, Zithromax Magnesium. The time has come to actually do something.

I have started doing my bit – well, Zithromax Magnesium india, a bit for the earth. Mostly due to my flatmate the eco warrior (rank undisclosed). He's been slowly wearing my pollutative defences down. We use our own bags when we shop, 200mg Zithromax Magnesium, we have a bin for something he calls “recycling,” we try not to use the aircon and we also use a bucket in the shower to fill and then pour into the toilet cistern. Zithromax Magnesium, I have graciously accepted these changes, but told him that it is his responsibility to take the bucket to the toilet. 100mg Zithromax Magnesium, After all, what's the point of us both getting out of the shower?

So that's how I sleep at night, but how are you going to manage with the weight of a dying world on your shoulders. Very uncomfortably I'd imagine. So baby-step up whilst there is still time; if we all commit to making a lot of little differences, that should add up to a big lot of difference. So your mission, should you choose to accept it, is simple...

Save the cheerleader, save the world. Help ensure that the world will always have an alibi.

Yours sincerely,



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Cipro Reactions Patient

Cipro Reactions Patient, This has to be the hardest blog I've written to date; not because of the content, but because (and I don't think I'm exaggerating) it's eleventy billion degrees in my room. There are pictures on my wall which have taken a dali-esque turn for the worst which I would take down but if I move any more than I currently am I fear I may drown in my own sweat. Oh sure, 40mg Cipro Reactions Patient, you can sit there in your air-conditioned luxury appartment/office and pour scorn on me for being so gross, 750mg Cipro Reactions Patient, but even having scorn poured on me would be refreshing. So so...

To quote the immortal words of Nelly, Cipro Reactions Patient coupon, “It's getting hot in here, 50mg Cipro Reactions Patient, so take off all your clothes – I am getting so hot, I'm gonna take my clothes off.” Now there is a guy who really speaks to me... Although I am slightly concerned with the prophetic nature of his songs, Cipro Reactions Patient. The trend continues with his next album featuring the track “Never Let 'em C U Sweat.” An homage to the very real threat of Global Warming, Cipro Reactions Patient ebay. Who can really tell, 10mg Cipro Reactions Patient, but as a precautionary measure, I'll be very wary of “Thicky Thick Girls” and anything called “Wadsyaname.” I think the last one is some kind of Japanese fighting style.

Now I expect a certain level of burnination living in Australia and I understand that Canberra is not exactly getting the very worst of it, Cipro Reactions Patient australia. When some states are experiencing 46 degree blinders how can I possibly complain about our 31 degrees. Cipro Reactions Patient, The answer is simple. 30mg Cipro Reactions Patient, Outside it may well be 31 degrees but inside my room it's about double that and the mercury keeps rising (well it's all digital these days so I guess the Liquid Crystal Display is rising) So I've been trying to accommodate the blistering sun by watching movies that are set in hot conditions so I can feel like i'm immersed in the film but short of volcanic sauna porn (a very specific niche market) there's not much that even comes close to this. I'd put on something like “Happy Feet” and try the reverse but no matter how much I hate that movie I couldn't do that to innocent penguins.
Now I know what you're thinking, Cipro Reactions Patient us, “So why don't you just go outside?”

Well honestly I'd love to, Cipro Reactions Patient overseas, but it's people like you that keep me here in the very worst of conditions so that I can draw comics to keep you amused. I'm already running behind schedule and am beginning to understand what it means to suffer for one's art. Again, I know what you're thinking, “Well, why didn't you come up with a comic earlier on in the week?” Well you know what.

I'm not even going to dignify that with a response.

Yours sincerely,


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Alternatives For Synthroid

Alternatives For Synthroid, So I thought we are well overdue for a good blogging and it's always best to write about what you know, so let's talk for a bit on the subject of love. Specifically the connection shared with two people and following through into the lack of connection between brain and mouth that inevitably follows. Now I should like to point out that I like love; it's good and for the record, some of my best friends are lovers. Alternatives For Synthroid craiglist, That said however, a friend was explaining to me that I have a serious affliction as mentioned above, whereby the strength of my heart tends to cause confusion between the things I think I'm about to say, and the things I actually end up saying; with consistent results. I am told that alcohol seems to make this affliction worse – although I am adamant that the more I drink, 200mg Alternatives For Synthroid, the more charming I become. My younger brother suffers the same affliction and I can confirm that he is definitely more charming when he's drunk; although I'm usually quite charming when I notice it.., Alternatives For Synthroid.

I mention my brother because he was the one who introduced me to the affliction many years ago whilst drinking with me at a nightclub. To protect the innocent, Alternatives For Synthroid india, I am going to call him Billybob. So Billybob had noticed a girl that he knew through friends sitting with a guy, clearly not all that interested in the conversation and sat down next to her asking some sort of equivalent of “Is this clown bothering you?” To which she replied that she knew him but would rather not be talking to him, as he was a bit depressing.

Now the brain kicks in with a suitable response to show this girl that a more rewarding conversation could be achieved in this direction, 50mg Alternatives For Synthroid. Alternatives For Synthroid, Something like, “You are as pretty as you are beautiful,” but somewhere along the way, it got confused in a split-second microscopic game of Chinese whispers and ended up as, “Well maybe if we both wish really hard, we can give him cancer.” (We have to wonder here exactly when common sense decided to get up and walk away). To which she replied,“He's an old family friend and he was just telling me his mother's been diagnosed with cancer.” At this point both his brain and mouth decided to keep very very quiet indeed. He bid her good day, Alternatives For Synthroid mexico, and took his leave...

From that moment I became very aware of the affliction and started compiling a list of things I have learned (the hard way) not to say such as, “I eat bubbles, I like princesses oh so very much, I've seen prettier but not many, Alternatives For Synthroid overseas, and I swear to God if you touch my hand one more time this broken beer bottle is going in your face,” and the classic ice-breaker, “Why do girls wear make-up and perfume. 10mg Alternatives For Synthroid, Because they're ugly and they smell bad.”

Recently I had an encounter where I tried to recover from an attack and save the day only to sabotage myself again to press the point home. I was drinking (again with Billybob) and started talking to a lovely girl about herself or something similar, Alternatives For Synthroid. The conversation was going well until I asked her what she did for a living. “I work in a retirement village,” she said. “So you're a respite worker, 40mg Alternatives For Synthroid, then?” I asked.“No, I'm a receptionist. They just pay me to answer phones and look pretty.” She smiled and paused as if waiting for a response. Alternatives For Synthroid, Now it was very clear to me that she was indeed very pretty and yet I looked at her earnestly and the affliction said,“Well at least answering phones is easy.” Now for people who know me, they would understand the subtleties of that remark and the way it held a mirror up to social interaction in modern society, but to those that don't, it came across a little bitchy... Alternatives For Synthroid coupon, But I showed resolve and tried to ignore it until the end of the night as we stood in the taxi line and I went for double or nothing. “Y'know what, Billybette?” I said, “I didn't instantly hate you.” In retrospect I see now that this implies it took time to work up a loathing... She caught the next cab as quickly as she possibly could, 100mg Alternatives For Synthroid. But I should mention that the man in front of us in the taxi line burst out laughing when I said it. I wonder if I would have had more success with him.., Alternatives For Synthroid. At least he seemed to get me...

So until I can get my own personal Cyrano de Bergerac to proofread any remark I make, I must tread very carefully indeed. But if you are like me and Billybob then I want to tell you that you are not alone. And if you are female I want to let you know what a great big jerk you are.


Yours sincerely,


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Neomycin Erythromycin Bowel Protocol

Neomycin Erythromycin Bowel Protocol, 'twas on a glorious afternoon such as this that I found myself outside on my balcony basking in the glory of the previously mentioned afternoon. It had been storming like a mofo but the sun had put a stop to that with some well placed ultra violet menace and was now busy decimating the puddles and putting things right. I took a moment to appreciate the natural order of things. The birds were singing, Neomycin Erythromycin Bowel Protocol uk, the trees were growing, and a little bee buzzed into my reverie and landed upside down in a puddle.

Now, I like bees; I like their honey, their defiance of the laws of aerodynamics and I admire their work ethic and strict dress code, 20mg Neomycin Erythromycin Bowel Protocol, but I am also wary of their dangerous bottoms. At first I thought, "Best leave it alone; a greater man than I will step in and save the day", Neomycin Erythromycin Bowel Protocol. But alas, no such greater man did. 30mg Neomycin Erythromycin Bowel Protocol, If I got involved it might lash out like a woman scorned and sting me on the finger (not so much like a woman scorned) not realising my bee-friendly intentions. It was a quandary...and althoughI have heard that fortune favours the brave, I decided to look before I leapt and let sleeping dogs lie. But then a fly flew down near the puddle and appeared to be mocking the bee. Neomycin Erythromycin Bowel Protocol, Now, I have no time for flies, especially for ones with low morals and no sense of sportsmanship. On the whole, Neomycin Erythromycin Bowel Protocol australia, they are icky and annoying and never get the hint that they are not welcome near me at any time. So I shooed the fly away toot sweet and, buoyed by my victory over the fly, 150mg Neomycin Erythromycin Bowel Protocol, picked up a twig and used it to help the bee free itself from it's potential watery grave. I placed it down near the puddle and then watched it as it tried to regain a little of its fluffy dignity in the warm sunlight.

After a little while, it had dried off sufficiently to be able to walk again, if a little unsteadily, Neomycin Erythromycin Bowel Protocol ebay, and it unsteadily walked right off the railing I had placed it on; falling to the floor of the balcony. But its imminent painful landing was saved at the last minute by a spiderweb, Neomycin Erythromycin Bowel Protocol. That was certainly a close call. Until a quick witted spider shot out of its hiding place and began to wrap the bee up in its spidery clingwrap to be eaten at its leisure. 500mg Neomycin Erythromycin Bowel Protocol, This was a bit of a shock to me (probably more for the bee) and I considered saving the bee yet again .

Now, I'm relatively indifferent to spiders; I approve of their fly killing policy but am hesitant to support their bee killing policy; and may well have tried to save the bee again, had it not been for a certain movie called "Final Destination." I know how that movie ends (probably much the same as the sequel) and I decided that if I did try to save it again, fate would have to take what it was owed in other ways, Neomycin Erythromycin Bowel Protocol canada. Neomycin Erythromycin Bowel Protocol, If I saved it from the spider, who knows what fate would throw at it. Maybe a light aircraft would crash land on my balcony, burning that bee to kingdom come and possibly injuring me at the same time...

Now, 750mg Neomycin Erythromycin Bowel Protocol, I like bees... but not enough to meddle with forces outside of my control. Maybe all those wildlife documentarians aren't really just a bunch of dicks who get some kind of sick pleasure out of filming zebras getting mutilated. Maybe they were once just like me, and tried to save the zebras; only to have them savagely torn apart by giant spiders.., Neomycin Erythromycin Bowel Protocol.

If there is one lesson to be learned from all this, then surely it is that you should feel free to be a hero if you have to, 1000mg Neomycin Erythromycin Bowel Protocol, but know that fate is a fickle mistress who has been turning tricks for much longer than you or I have.

ps. It could also be that flies are jerks and zebras will do anything to get on the telly.

Yours sincerely,


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What Is Erythromycin Prescribed For

What Is Erythromycin Prescribed For, Who am I. Where did I come from. Where am I going. 500mg What Is Erythromycin Prescribed For, If you answered yes to any of those questions, you'd be wrong but at least you tried... Forgive the barrage of questions so early on in this month's blog but it was necessary for eroding your brain's natural educational defences for the learning to begin.

Is the cup half empty or is it half full, What Is Erythromycin Prescribed For. Popular science says half full, 10mg What Is Erythromycin Prescribed For, but surely that is mostly because it keeps popular scientists popular. Unpopular scientists flaunt their doomsday algorithms and black hole suns but they never get tenure. What Is Erythromycin Prescribed For japan, So here we have two opposites. Those that perceive life as a series of constant opportunities and unlimited potential and those that perceive life as a constant onslaught of bad vibes and cabbage smell. What Is Erythromycin Prescribed For, This perception ultimately affects it's surrounding environment. Let me tell you a little story to demonstrate my point.

So there were two gentlemen sitting at a bar, 30mg What Is Erythromycin Prescribed For. They both had identical glasses at the bar with exactly the same amount of whiskey in each. At exactly the same time they looked down and saw the glasses in front of them. One of the men says, “My glass is half empty,” and the other gentleman says, “My glass is half full.” Anyway, long story short, it turns out they had been drinking out of eachothers glasses for most of the night, What Is Erythromycin Prescribed For. What Is Erythromycin Prescribed For overseas, Not long after, they got into a knife fight and I took the liberty of polishing off both their drinks.

I say they are like the yin and the yang. The sun and the moon, What Is Erythromycin Prescribed For canada. Sonny and Cher. What Is Erythromycin Prescribed For, Forged together but locked in an epic battle for all eternity. If there is a battle between the two, 100mg What Is Erythromycin Prescribed For, I'm siding with the optimists (not the “Let's not do anything, I'm sure everything will work out just fine” kind, but the “I look forward to crushing the insurgents” kind).

I have looked forward, What Is Erythromycin Prescribed For us. I have seen what lies ahead. But who needs the bloodshed. Anyway, 1000mg What Is Erythromycin Prescribed For, you can only stay optimistic for so long when you're trying to get the blood of your enemies out of your carpet. I would like to offer my solution to this monumental dilemma that could create a new dawn for mankind and usher in a time of great peace and unity, What Is Erythromycin Prescribed For. A solution to the burning cup issue. (Not the cricketers on a drunken tour in Bangkok kind).

My rather modest proposal is that we distribute worldwide... smaller cups. It's the only way to settle this once and for all. If our glasses are either half full or half empty, What Is Erythromycin Prescribed For uk, simply reduce the size of the cups. This will ensure all the cups will be full.  The added bonus is that even though the cup is smaller, there will be many, many smaller cups for anyone who wants seconds.

And that's just one of the many initiatives that roastytoasty has been greenlighted to spearhead over the coming months. We're also developing a substance known as “Parmesan 29”. A cheese so dense that've already said too much...  Just as long as you're all aware of the high level of professionalism, discretion and attention to detai] that this webcomic is about.

Yours sincerely,

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Does Synthroid Cause Weight Loss

Does Synthroid Cause Weight Loss, The end is nigh, people. I had it explained to me.

The Doomsday Algorithm. 20mg Does Synthroid Cause Weight Loss, The mathematical prophecy that will see itself fulfilled with the end of our beloved species. I won't bore you with any details (my brain switched off a little bit when the equations joined the party). What I do remember was that they sounded like the kind of equations you could really trust, Does Synthroid Cause Weight Loss. There were lots of n's and x's and it turned out we're all doomed.

My flatmate Daniel was telling me about it, Does Synthroid Cause Weight Loss paypal. He works at the Uni as a lab tech. Or to be specific, 1000mg Does Synthroid Cause Weight Loss, a lab tech that has the tools and the know how to manipulate the fundamental building blocks of the universe. Does Synthroid Cause Weight Loss, Now that seems to me like a pretty significant responsibility. When I was his age, I was still manipulating the fundamental building blocks of my Harry Potter Lego set...

He then went on to tell me that the machines down at the lab could rip the universe a new W hole and propel us all into another time, Does Synthroid Cause Weight Loss japan. The theory was sound. He explained it with more equations and got lost in a time of De Loreans and flying skateboards. But even though I looked blankly at him, I believed it, Does Synthroid Cause Weight Loss. Does Synthroid Cause Weight Loss craiglist, Which makes me wonder why I felt compelled to tell him to get down there and crank that puppy up. "Theoretical science be damned!" I said, "It's time to either make history or erase it altogether!" I don't know what came over me. I guess it was a thrill to think that me, 750mg Does Synthroid Cause Weight Loss, insignificant me could become a major player in the downfall of the human race. What an honour. Does Synthroid Cause Weight Loss, But even without my cajoling, the human race is done for. Does Synthroid Cause Weight Loss overseas, We're lucky if we get to see the sunrise on any given morning. The planet Earth is like a toddler with the keys to the medicine cabinet, the gun rack and the broken glass and asbestos case.

So given that, 30mg Does Synthroid Cause Weight Loss, why do we continue to risk our existence with scientific chicanery. Thanks to some poorly orchestrated nuclear testing back in the 1960's, 200mg Does Synthroid Cause Weight Loss, everybody on the planet now has traces of plutonium surging through their veins and we keep giving them nobel prizes and wonder why everybody's wearing bandanas.

So what are our options, Does Synthroid Cause Weight Loss. Renounce science and wait for the rapture. My sources say yes; but that's what I've come to expect from having Amish sources. In the meantime, Does Synthroid Cause Weight Loss canada, let's keep a watchful eye on the scientists. Perhaps it is true that we fear what we don't understand, but let's spend a little more time fearing what the scientists don't understand, because they will investigate and they will destroy us all.

Yours sincerely,

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Does Amoxicillin Expire

Does Amoxicillin Expire, My Dearest Darling Readers, If you are reading this then I fear the worst has befallen me.

As you know, when I first started this website, 50mg Does Amoxicillin Expire, I was but a poor street urchin, begging for scraps and picking pockets also for scraps. I had such high hopes but since roastytoasty was established way back in 2007, it has not generated the revenue that I had promised my investors nor has it covered the number of fairly significant donations I contributed to many a government official, Does Amoxicillin Expire australia.

As such, I have had to supplement much of my income in the bustling trade of online silks and spices. Does Amoxicillin Expire india, This has brought me a great deal of riches and power and has put me in good stead with the Queen of Spain. However, due to a series of rather unfortunate oversights, it appears that I have inadvertently launched this website in what has turned out to be the online equivalent of "International Waters", Does Amoxicillin Expire. Who knew that "www" stood for World Wide Web. I thought it had something to do with the wrestling...

The short of it is, Does Amoxicillin Expire ebay, that this website has been boarded by pirates. I don't know exactly know how it happened, 250mg Does Amoxicillin Expire, but here we are. Does Amoxicillin Expire, I have been confined to my quarters with naught but a flagon of ale and a high speed internet connection. Upon landing, these dread pirates plan to demand a hefty ransom from the governor.

Do not fear for me though, 10mg Does Amoxicillin Expire, the Queen will pay and I shall see Spain once more. I may have lost my website and my fine silks and spices, Does Amoxicillin Expire coupon, and I may have caught a little scurvy and had many of my finest webmasters die by the sword, but I shall return with an armada and destroy all those who opposed me. Roastytoasty will once again sail these glittering shores, unfettered by insolent sea dogs, Does Amoxicillin Expire uk, you have my word. I shall reclaim that which was taken from me, Does Amoxicillin Expire. With strong winds, 500mg Does Amoxicillin Expire, I estimate the pirates demise by the end of the month.

But until then, they have free reign.
My apologies if they cause any trouble, 150mg Does Amoxicillin Expire.

Yours sincerely,

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Long Term Effects Of Prozac

Long Term Effects Of Prozac, Today is blog day, and I have been busy like a bee. No, more like an ant. No, maybe more like some kind of half bee - half ant genetic experiment gone wrong - or right, 200mg Long Term Effects Of Prozac, depending on the morals of the scientists involved in creating that metaphor.

All week, I've wondered what to throw into the literary fray. 750mg Long Term Effects Of Prozac, I had hoped to spend this afternoon shattering some of your preconceptions - namely taking what you knew, or thought you knew, and blasting it a new rectum with the awesome power of my mighty thesaurus-like brain. But I couldn't think of nuffin, Long Term Effects Of Prozac.

Then, as I sat staring at the blank screen in front of me, Long Term Effects Of Prozac usa, I got distracted by a face full of disrespect in the form of pesky little ants trying to sneak into my room via my door. They all came marching one by one under the door, across the carpet, 50mg Long Term Effects Of Prozac, then into my life and subsequently into this here blog.

I don't like to kill ants; I dodge them when I'm out and about. Even though I'm pretty light and I vaguely remember reading somewhere that they have the strength of ten incredible hulks or something similar. Long Term Effects Of Prozac, But I will not stand for home invasion. I didn't let the mongolian hordes in when they tried and I'm not about to let some vagrant ants sneak under the radar.

I'd be happy to arrange some sort of mutually beneficial deal like leaving the scraps of dinners past out in a predetermined location for them and maybe even my first born if needs must; if it meant they'd respect the status quo, 20mg Long Term Effects Of Prozac. But they either choose not to care or possibly they don't understand the complexities of conflict/resolution strategies. Whatever the reason, they continually back me into a figurative corner and I am forced to take non figurative affirmative action.

I've killed before...But I am so ashamed of it that I don't care to go into the gruesome details.., Long Term Effects Of Prozac. Long Term Effects Of Prozac us, Except to say that there was an iron, a steam button and a great disturbance as though a thousand tiny lives were suddenly silenced. But I will no longer condone a course of action that will lead my people to war. So, I'm all about the psychological warfare now, Long Term Effects Of Prozac usa.

Since reason is a dish best not served to ants, this has not been an easy exercise to do. Long Term Effects Of Prozac, I have kept well away from the traditional methods like spray and pellets and spiders and chose not to encourage them by opening little motels all around my household. I've used cotton buds to mask the scent of the ant in front and watched them panic as their preconceptions got blasted a new rectum. Long Term Effects Of Prozac mexico, More recently, however, I have taken to whispering dissentious statements to them such as "seize the means of production!" It is my hope that this sort of anty establishment discord will bring down the matriarchal society they live under. Admittedly, it hasn't slowed them down yet, 100mg Long Term Effects Of Prozac, but once the seeds of revolution have been sowed, we need only sit back and watch them simmer as they destroy society from within.

I have heard that you have to be cruel to be kind but since I'm only being kind of cruel I'm not sure what the outcome will be. 40mg Long Term Effects Of Prozac, The intent may seem Machiavellian, but you can't argue with results. That is to say I hope I won't want to argue with the results. Because they can't be argued with.

Yours sincerely,

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Block Synthroid

Block Synthroid, Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great warmness in my tummy to announce my latest and thus far greatest discovery. It has taken months of research, but I have finally cracked the Hollywood genome, and now in my great benevolence, Block Synthroid ebay, I am willing to share the secret. But first, you're probably wondering how I came up with this insight. If you're not, you may want to skip a few paragraphs forward because I'm about to get on my soapbox.., Block Synthroid australia.

For years, I have suspected that Hollywood has lost it's way; only seeming to be able to function by remaking old movies and tv shows and re-hashing an extra chapter on an already tired theme. Now I don't want to point fingers at anyone in particular by way of example, but needs must.., Block Synthroid. so let's talk about George Lucas. Block Synthroid paypal, For years he has been resting on dubious laurels. That said, however, so has Quentin Tarantino, but we'll have much more fun with George so let's take a look at "Star Wars."

A series of films about star wars featuring a star sized planet destroyer called a "Death Star." Set against a backdrop where evil, Block Synthroid japan, dark characters are called "Darth"and small maintenance droids are programmed with complex personalities yet can only communicate by beeping. Where the good guys have flamboyantly heroic sounding names like Luke Skywalker and Han Solo, so the audience doesn't get too confused.

Block Synthroid, Making it so blatantly straightforward for the viewing public must have proved too much of a strainium for Lucas's cranium because he also fathered such characters as Ja-bba, Ja-was and of course, Jar-Jar. 100mg Block Synthroid, So I can't help but wonder, is this really keen literary prowess or is George just going through all of the "J" sounds?

Now I can forgive a man for not giving his audiences enough credit to be able to work out a character's true nature by their actions and space age outfits, but not for a show of poor form. Also, whilst we're on the topic, Block Synthroid coupon, what kind of monster spends millions of dollars on CGI effects for a movie about nothing more than a trade embargo. Anyways, I digress... Block Synthroid overseas, But you shouldn't have pushed my buttons, Lucas; even if they do make beepy robot sounds...

So back to the topic, I was watching "Lars and the Real Girl" the other day when it hit me. The secret is to remake old movies with a reality based twist. In the case of "Lars and the Real Girl," this was clearly a remake of the hit movie "Mannequin", only this time he was delusional rather than embarking on a supernatural adventure whilst being locked in a department store.

"Donnie Darko" is arguably a remake of the Jimmy Stewart classic "Harvey", Block Synthroid. This story, for those who are unfamiliar, 150mg Block Synthroid, is about a man with a giant invisible rabbit for a best friend. In the case of Donnie Darko, we see it following the trend of rewriting the story to accommodate a delusional mind.

I should point out that although my recent comics involve a boy and his imaginary giant rabbit, Block Synthroid uk, we are only shining the spotlight on Hollywood at the moment, so back off.

Also, I don't think it is going too far to suggest that there are clear similarities between "The Breakfast Club" and "Elephant," and "Splash" remade into "Big Fish." I know... It's so obvious it's scary...

With an upcoming remake looming for "Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure", Block Synthroid mexico, I wait eagerly for the next in the trend as two fairly retarded youths skip through time causing irreversible damage along the way. If this trend continues, we can expect to see "Weekend at Bernies" the snuff film and "Porkys" redone as a gripping insight into the lives of a group of serial sex offenders.

So to any young film-makers out there, I suggest you find your old Betamax collection, because it is a cash cow waiting to be exploited in the same way that Quentin Tarantino has been doing for years. Get out there kids, rip off the past and make us all proud and thought provoked!

Yours sincerely, 


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