Lumigan Application Procedure
August 28th, 2010

Lumigan Application Procedure

Lumigan Application Procedure, One of the nice things about pirates is watching people pretend to be pirates without having any props on hand. There are approximately three moves that Johnny Everyman has at his disposal and I'd like to go through them with you to demonstrate what I call the Black Patch Blind Spot which occurs during a propless 3 piece swash, Lumigan Application Procedure canada. Lumigan Application Procedure usa, The first and possibly most important/pathetic part of the ensemble is the eye patch. With no actual patch Johnny has to improvise by closing one of his eyes (not just closing mind; really squeezing it shut), 10mg Lumigan Application Procedure. 200mg Lumigan Application Procedure, It may well look real from Johnny's now singular perspective but it is important for Johnny to keep in mind that to everybody else he just looks like a twat with a winking problem.

The second part of the ensemble is the hook; all pirates have got hooks (and not just for playing monster Barrel o' Monkeys), Lumigan Application Procedure. Well the hook is straightforward enough; by just crooking one of Johnny's fingers and sliding his wrist up his sleeve he produces not a pirate but more like that toxic waste bad guy from Robocop or any number of the prostitutes, Lumigan Application Procedure japan, Lumigan Application Procedure paypal, taxi drivers and psychics from Total Recall.

Which leaves the final part of the ensemble; the standard issue wooden leg, Lumigan Application Procedure india. 50mg Lumigan Application Procedure, Were there actually any pirates with wooden legs. I'm sure that would be a real pain getting stuck in a bowling bowl, Lumigan Application Procedure overseas. Lumigan Application Procedure, So what does Johnny do to pretend he has a wooden leg. 20mg Lumigan Application Procedure, He applies some of the same sound reasoning he used for the other two. By tucking his leg up under his bottom and standing on the other leg he successfully manages to look like someone with only one leg not someone with essentially two legs.

This phenomenon  fascinates me because we all do it and we will probably all continue to do it which makes me wonder if there is not some kind of genetic hiccup; a logic blind spot inside us all that insists we're "really nailing it" when in fact we look less like pirates and more like malformed flamingos having some kind of seizure.


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  1. Andy

    Aah Dave. You made me laugh out loud in bed. Now I’m bound to get in trouble. Perhaps a few “me-hearties” and an impromptu patch will win the day.

    And why am I writing this? It’s like 8:10. I’m going to be late!

  2. Nik

    This has got to be one of your best post to date! Absolutely cracked me up! đŸ˜€

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