Zithromax Dossage
June 5th, 2010

Zithromax Dossage

Zithromax Dossage, The highlight of my pranking career was at the age of about five. 250mg Zithromax Dossage, One evening before my dad got home from work, my sister and I (already in our pyjamas) laid out our day clothes perfectly flat on the carpet in the living room and hid behind the couches, Zithromax Dossage craiglist. 20mg Zithromax Dossage, When dad got home, mum broke the bad news that there had been a terrible tragedy and my sister and I had been flattened by a steamroller and this was all that remained of us, 1000mg Zithromax Dossage. Zithromax Dossage uk, A bit dark I know but you can't go past a good steamroller prank.

When I was a little older I tried to set up a bucket on top of my bedroom door to spill ripped up bits of paper on my sisters head when she walked in (I think I must have seen it done in a comic) but only got a mild concussion for my troubles, Zithromax Dossage ebay. This tends to be the usual outcome for me and so I tend not to prank and discourage pranking because the victim never enjoys it as much as the victee, Zithromax Dossage. Zithromax Dossage india, As the saying goes," If you can''t stand the heat get out of the kitchen before there's egg on your face."

My younger brothers are excellent pranksters and when they put their minds to it they are as insanely brilliant as any Bond villain would be, Zithromax Dossage australia. 10mg Zithromax Dossage, They once removed everything from their flatmates sock drawer and replaced the contents with a fully prepared salad. If that wasn't enough, Zithromax Dossage japan, the second drawer had a bottle of vinaigrette, a horse shoe and a note that read "good luck dressing."

I sleep with one eye open every time I stay over.


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