75mcg Synthroid
April 11th, 2010

75mcg Synthroid

75mcg Synthroid, Everybody has a little moment now and then when they lose track of where they are or what it was they were about to do. I'm forever walking into rooms only to discover I have no idea why I've done it, 250mg 75mcg Synthroid. 75mcg Synthroid us, Some say it's stress and exhaustion, others say it is the effects of time on our fragile brainiums but I suspect it's nothing more than good old fashioned mind control, 75mcg Synthroid japan. 75mcg Synthroid australia, In fact to elaborate further, I believe that this is none other than Sam Beckett from Quantum Leap still trying to leap home whilst possibly stopping us from doing something which would destroy the future as we know it, 75mcg Synthroid uk. 75mcg Synthroid craiglist, Whether you believe it or not, it helps me feel better about what the Mexicans call 'senior moments.'

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  1. anna

    Hahahahaha I LOVE this one dave!

  2. Bronbad

    I feel like I was about to read something…

  3. dave

    well you didn’t miss much, Bron 🙂

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