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January 28th, 2010

Buy Generic Cialis

Buy Generic Cialis, Hoi there everybody. So those department heads are trying to improve productivity but instead of meeting industry pay standards or removing the dead possums from the roof, 100mg Buy Generic Cialis, 200mg Buy Generic Cialis, they've opted to challenge all the teams to compete against each other for the best overall score this month. This is then to be presented to them in much the same way as a two year old presents their parents with crayon all over the walls, Buy Generic Cialis uk. 30mg Buy Generic Cialis, Just quietly, I have a fiercely competitive edge with things like this and I learned a long time ago that the only way to win a management-based challenge is surprisingly not through completing the most work but instead through the dirtiest of dirty tricks campaigns, 10mg Buy Generic Cialis. Buy Generic Cialis craiglist, The other teams don't stand a chance once those laxatives kick in...and then that golden ticket will be mine.

see you tomorrow

dave, Buy Generic Cialis india. 250mg Buy Generic Cialis. 20mg Buy Generic Cialis. Buy Generic Cialis overseas.

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  1. AdMan

    ah dave… I think you’ve missed the point of the exercise. It’s about the future, not the now. It’s about being inclusive, not exclusivity. But most importantly, it’s about getting half a day off :p

  2. dave

    wait…what? There’s a half day up for grabs? You better strap yourself into your toilet seat mate, because this month is going to be a heck of a bumpy ride for you.

  3. Carbs

    I for one want to see a comic based on the adventures of the dead possum!

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