Love Bytes
January 25th, 2010

Love Bytes

I think I might be onto something here. I know that until about sixteen, I thought all girls were hiding highly pixelated body parts under their clothes. I felt especially sorry for those corporate whistle blowers I’d see on the news because I’d wonder how hard it must be to go through life with rude lady parts attached to their faces.

Anyways, I’ll see you all tomorrow for another.


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  1. AdMan

    um, dude… where was SBS when you were a boy??? I believe they were at their late night nudity hay-day. Leasure Suit Larry indeed!

  2. castro


  3. dave

    my brother Andy and I used to play the Sims until he went to work one day and whilst he was out I took pictures of my sim in the jacuzzi with his sim. He couldn’t look at her the same after that and he took the game away.

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