Cipro Class Action
January 1st, 2010

Cipro Class Action

Cipro Class Action, Hello fellow children of the 2 to the 0 to the 1 to the 0. How was/is your New Year celebration, 10mg Cipro Class Action. 500mg Cipro Class Action, I woke up feeling exhillirated and sassy today so I've decided to post another comic.  If anything interesting happens tomorrow, I'll go for a hat trick, Cipro Class Action overseas. Cipro Class Action australia, See you tomorrow when we'll both find out if I've got what it takes!.

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  1. dave

    Oh wow…I just noticed that I forgot to draw arms on those drunken revelers 🙂
    This is something of a shock to me because it would have made much more sense if I’d drawn them legless instead

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