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Synthroid Tabs, My friend Tennille and I went to the shops for some anticipatory emergency New Years supplies and stopped in at a bookstore along the way. It was one of those bookstores that spring up from time to time in whichever empty shopfront they can find and are gone before you realise that the last page of the book you bought is missing.

Be that as it may, I generally always buy a book when I go into these shops because I spend most of my time wandering around the store giving the salesperson/owner a back story.

It doesn't take too long before they've become down-and-out plucky little underdogs with a dream in their hearts (oh sure they were told they'd never make it in the real world but dammit they're going to do their darnedest to prove the world wrong), Synthroid Tabs australia.

So due to an unnecessary amount of guilt developed through a series of unfortunate and thoroughly imaginary circumstances, I always end up buying a book...if for no other reason to show solidarity for those who dare to dream a dream.

As we wandered through the hastily constructed shelves and display tables, I spared a thought for the salesperson I saw at the entrance, Synthroid Tabs. He was so eager to see a customer...oh poor, Synthroid Tabs overseas, sweet 'Training' who was clearly so destitute they'd even taken his name. I would return to him with a book as an affirmation to him that he had made the right life choices.

The quality and quantity of books in these places is anybody's guess. There are always at least a dozen suduko books available, a few travel narratives and a whole lot of self help books at unusually reduced prices, Synthroid Tabs mexico. Synthroid Tabs, Beyond that, the range is purely dependent on the backs of the lorries that they happened to fall off.

For example, why stock four different biographies of Barack Obama. If you're already three down, Synthroid Tabs india, do you really need to go in for a fourth take on it. His biographies sat beside George W Bush, the only president that had trouble spelling his middle initial also had a comprehensive collection of his life's work. Unless curious George jr has managed to whip up his very own autobiography using glitter, safety scissors and macaroni, Synthroid Tabs coupon, I've seen enough for now.

I ended up going with “The Ecology of Commerce” from the nature section (or maybe the commerce section) which looked at proposals to redefine corporate responsibility to incorporate social and environmental responsibility as part of their business goals, Synthroid Tabs. It was either that or “Men Who Knit and the Dogs Who Love Them,” and although I stand by my decision, 200mg Synthroid Tabs, I think The Ecology of Commerce could have been spiced up a little with dogs in woolen kerchiefs.

We took the book to the counter and greeted the salesman with the confidence that only comes from actually planning on purchasing something from a down-on-their-luck type salesperson. The conversation was short and sweet, pleasantries were exchanged as Trainee handed my book and my change to me.

He did not however ask if I would like a bag for my book, 1000mg Synthroid Tabs. Synthroid Tabs, This is part of the shopping experience. If they don't ask you, how are you supposed to look awkwardly at your hands for the next two minutes as you hum and hah over whether you do actually need a bag.

He was re-writing the rules of transaction interactions and had made the rather ballsy decision to not finish the transaction, 10mg Synthroid Tabs, but rather stand his ground and merely snap-freeze it in awkwardness; willing me to ask him for a bag to help my stumpy little T-Rex arms. I refused to get suckered into his mind games and also stood my ground. It was just like the Wild West only with books and feelings.

“Who is this guy to be challenging me?” I thought, Synthroid Tabs. I was doing him a favour here. I had taken the time to get to know him (for the person I imagined him to have been) in an attempt to humanise the situation and he had gone and cheapened it by going for a power struggle on our way out of the store, 150mg Synthroid Tabs. The audacity of this joker...

Somewhere in this shared frozen moment, our eyes locked, 40mg Synthroid Tabs, beads of sweat dripping from our foreheads it occurred to me that perhaps he was just responding to the book. Synthroid Tabs, Maybe Trainee thought I wouldn't want a bag because of the subject matter of the book, but surely it's a little presumptuous to presume that just because I'm buying a book on environmental responsibility that I would be environmentally responsible myself. Clearly I was buying the book because I wanted to learn more on the topic and through that, look to change...but do it on my own terms.

I was ready to settle in for some pretty serious glaring to resolve this Eco stand-off and felt that we had been holding this morally exhausting stalemate for minutes when Tennille explained that there was no epic battle of wits going on and it's not like we even needed a bag in the first place.

And true to her word, the book made it home without being dropped.
I grazed my knee but Tennille said I had it coming.

Yours sincerely,


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  1. No longer report man

    You did have it coming. Besides, what you should have done is gone in with a supply of plastic bags. Then when he failed to offer you one, you could have produced one, waved it in his face and said “Forgetting something ?” thrust the book in the bag and wandered off out of the store, muttering “where do they train these people ? No bloody QA in this place.”

  2. dave

    ?? So I should start carrying plastic bags everywhere, in case I want to buy something? Perhaps I could keep them in a trolley with all my stray cats, yelling abuse at random passers by…it’s a short drop from prudent shopper to mad old cat lady and I’m not sure I’m ready to make that transition just yet 🙂

  3. No longer report man

    No, you only need to have one. Get Tennille to carry it for you. Make sure it’s pink or she won’t have a bar of it.

  4. MuttsyBigNuts

    Are you fucking kidding me?? You had the chance to own Men who knit and the dogs that love them and you passed it up in favour of some hippie crap! You sir, do not recognise a good book when you see one!

  5. dave

    Why read about it when you can live it!

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