Pronunciation Of Diflucan

Pronunciation Of Diflucan, It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a wife must be in want of good fortune. Ok, maybe not universally acknowledged but in my current state of romantic singularity it doesn't hurt to pretend that it's all those “relationship” jerks that are missing out on a life worth living well. Bahaha, 10mg Pronunciation Of Diflucan. Who's laughing now. Not I strut proudly around my bedroom in nothing but socks, Pronunciation Of Diflucan uk, eating ice cream from the tub with the end of a shoe...not me...

In absence of a blog worth blogging for, I thought I'd keep you updated on more of my amorous misadventures much in the vein of the legendary tales of Casanova (with the proviso that Casanova had been born a potato). They keep me honest, but more importantly, they keep me single, Pronunciation Of Diflucan. My favourite of late was the Chemist girl.

During my lunch break I'd gone to the chemist to pick up a prescription, 250mg Pronunciation Of Diflucan. When I went to pay, I noticed a very pretty girl behind the counter who smiled as I approached and continued to smile as I fumbled for money in front of her. Pronunciation Of Diflucan overseas, As I tried to iron out the crumpled $20 note with my fingers, I wondered why it was that the pretty girls didn't talk to me.

Pronunciation Of Diflucan, Still smiling, she gave me my change and spoke to me. “You have the most beautiful eyes,” she said smiling timidly, 100mg Pronunciation Of Diflucan. Wow...What a lovely thing to say. From a complete stranger too. Pronunciation Of Diflucan canada, From a very pretty complete stranger too. And without any sort of prompting or gentle coercing, Pronunciation Of Diflucan. Why this was the sort of impromptu opener that could generate grandchildren in the forseeable future!

You know that split second that your mind goes into overdrive as it generates hundreds of different scenarios that immediately follow a monumental event of that nature. I got nothing...well nothing except for one small thing...

I have always been a big fan of my eyes; inside and out, 40mg Pronunciation Of Diflucan. They look good and they look good. Pronunciation Of Diflucan, Recently I just hadn't felt they were getting the dues they deserved, so these kind words really struck a chord with me. I thought to myself that yes, Pronunciation Of Diflucan usa, she was indeed correct, I did have lovely eyes; and really, it was a credit to her own eyes that she noticed their loveliness.

Standing at the counter, Pronunciation Of Diflucan mexico, in front of a very pretty girl, caught up in silent reverie over just how lovely my eyes were. 150mg Pronunciation Of Diflucan, A reverie that bypassed polite conversation right out of the Chemist and most of the way back to the car.

I've never really thought of myself as a narcissist but I can see that I clearly managed to cock-block myself right out of that situation because of my own self interest. I guess part of being single is finding that you are capable of loving yourself...more often than not.

Yours sincerely,



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  1. joee

    Since you just got promoed on riotact, I’m expecting a comment soon from chemist girl, and then super awkwardness. Gotta love the 2 degrees of separation around here.

  2. dave

    …I had not anticipated that! Hopefully I will get a romantic mulligan and I’ll get the chance to groundhog day my way to victory (and free jelly beans)

  3. sognal

    That’s a great story. I hope you go back to the chemist’s shop, and tell the girl that she has a beautiful smile (or whatever it takes to break the ice). Good luck! 🙂

  4. EMC

    I’m married and I never get to eat ice-cream with a shoe any more :'(

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