Dream Journal Entry #01 – clouds and sharks
November 19th, 2009

Dream Journal Entry #01 – clouds and sharks

Hello again! Hope you’re having a wonderful da…no, let’s upgrade that to a wonderful week! I am eagerly waiting for the weekend to come back around and will try my very hardest not to let it go once I have it.

So this weeks comic came from a story I’d sketched out a long time ago – too long to be able to verify whether or not I actually dreamt it, so I think that for the sake of argument let’s just say I did dream the whole thing and the events recorded within the comic are exactly how I remember them going down.

Anyways, take care – see you in a week (barring another fan art update in which case you’ll see me somewhere between the 1 week and 0 days area).


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  1. spacer

    I like this one :) does #01 mean there’s going to be more?

  2. dave

    oh yes absolutely! It’s on the cards, I just haven’t had a dream recently that can compete with it. But as soon as I do, you’ll know about it

  3. bronbad

    you and your prostitutes…
    speaking of sesame clouds I’m fungry!

  4. dave

    :) haha! that takes me back bron! (the fungrys not the prostitutes…they never take me back…)

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