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November 5th, 2009

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Cialis Generic Purchase, Hello again everybody, this weeks comic is especially special because it was a lovely piece of fan art *thankyou for the lovely picture Casey!* that I decimated and turned into a comic. The original picture featured a little girl on a swing which was so great, Cialis Generic Purchase usa, 100mg Cialis Generic Purchase, I could not resist bamming it up a notch with a dash of sinister.

Anyways, Cialis Generic Purchase australia, Cialis Generic Purchase india, it's been just lovely to see so much great work coming through and I'm looking forward to seeing a whole lot more (especially cos if this keeps up I may never have to draw at all). See you next week for more, Cialis Generic Purchase overseas. Cialis Generic Purchase craiglist, dave. Cialis Generic Purchase mexico. 750mg Cialis Generic Purchase. 250mg Cialis Generic Purchase. 50mg Cialis Generic Purchase.

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  1. Katherine Crane

    I stared at the first frame for a full minute trying to figure out why it looked so familiar until it clicked that it was Casey’s drawing style : )
    Hurray for the incorporation of fanart!

  2. dave

    yes yes! Casey has promised me more, but there’s plenty of room in my inbox for other sources too!

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