Lost in the Shuffle
October 1st, 2009

Lost in the Shuffle

I got to thinking about this after reading an article about “The Goonies” and the possibility of a “The Goonies 2″ (featuring all of the original cast) which would make the characters around 36 years old. I like to think that it could become something like the “Seven Up” series only we would follow their adventures in twenty five year intervals instead of seven.  I am most curious about Sloth’s fate. Chunk promised he could live with his family but I doubt  any social worker would have gone for it (especially given the abusive environment he’d been living in since early childhood). Also he was kinda odd looking.  I suspect the parents shipped him off to a sanitorium quicksmart and bought Chunk a puppy.


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  1. Andy

    Brilliant! :)

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