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Prozac Tolrance, Imagine you're a by-the-book kind of cop; the kind that keeps to himself but gets the job done. Now imagine that you get into work one morning and the Captain starts screaming for you in his office because the commissioner has been breathing down his neck for your balls in a vice. Not very pleasant at all especially when he wants your gun and your badge and wants you off a case you weren't even aware you were working on. Now let's replace the cop with a planet and the Captain with the International Astronomical Union and the book...well that can stay the same but it will have to be edited and re-published and the gun with a...this metaphor is getting out of control.., Prozac Tolrance coupon. What I'm trying to get at is that Pluto never hurt anybody so why strip it of its title. Or alternately, it's about time that useless rock did something useful with itself and maybe this is just the motivator it needs, Prozac Tolrance.

Mighty Pluto (named by an eleven year old girl in 1930) was dull and uninspiring until the Chinese translated it as “The Underworld King Star.” Since that time it has been awesome. Prozac Tolrance usa, It was not until 2006 that Pluto experienced firsthand the truth that fame is a fickle mistress and the tide can turn like a tickled mistress. Pluto had competition; competition in the form of Xena (Warrior Princess). Xena was much larger than Pluto and by revisions to the definition, she was classed as a dwarf planet, Prozac Tolrance india. Prozac Tolrance, Given that Xena was larger than Pluto, the IAU decided that they couldn't in good conscience be seen to be playing favourites. The result was that neither of them got to be planets.

Xena, 250mg Prozac Tolrance, the ninth largest solar orbiting body was indeed affectionately nicknamed after the leather clad woman that beat up on gods on a regular basis. This of course was only temporary as it would set a dangerous precedent and lower the tone of Science Fiction writing for years to come if people were allowed to call planets after tv shows. So it was decided that the official name would be Eris (after the Greek goddess of strife). One moon orbits Eris which was named Dysnomia (the daughter of Eris in the same Greek mythology), Prozac Tolrance. And right there, Prozac Tolrance craiglist, if you missed it was the furthest reaching bit of comedy I'll probably ever witness. As an appreciator of fine wordplay, Prozac Tolrance ebay, I felt it needed to be heard.

So Eris was named because it kept the overall tone of the currently “in-crowd” of celestial bodies. The goddess Eris represents strife which tied in nicely given the trouble it caused for everybody by being discovered. Prozac Tolrance, But my favourite part of all was that the moon was named Dysnomia which translates as lawlessness. As I'm sure I don't need to tell you, 30mg Prozac Tolrance, Xena Warrior Princess was played by Lucy Lawless. Such a wonderfully full circle piece of comedy makes me smile when I look up at the stars (but mostly it makes me concerned that should the astronomers stop looking at the stars and decide to write comics I may just have my work cut out for me). Prozac Tolrance japan, Oh, also, it's probably nothing but Pluto is currently officially named 134340 which is a heck of a demotion. This is probably due to the fact that it's easier to remember now, Prozac Tolrance australia. I typed those numbers into a web colour picker and was not surprised to find that it was a dark aquamarine – not that dissimilar to what we can see of 134340. Now I'm not saying we're stumbling into some sort of universal colour conspiracy, Prozac Tolrance overseas, just asking that you all stay alert and await further instructions.

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  1. Laurel Kornfeld

    Eris is only marginally bigger than Pluto, and both should be considered planets. Only four percent of the IAU voted on the controversial demotion, and most are not planetary scientists. Their decision was immediately opposed in a formal petition by hundreds of professional astronomers led by Dr. Alan Stern, Principal Investigator of NASA’s New Horizons mission to Pluto. One reason the IAU definition makes no sense is it says dwarf planets are not planets at all! That is like saying a grizzly bear is not a bear, and it is inconsistent with the use of the term “dwarf” in astronomy, where dwarf stars are still stars, and dwarf galaxies are still galaxies. Also, the IAU definition classifies objects solely by where they are while ignoring what they are. If Earth were in Pluto’s orbit, according to the IAU definition, it would not be a planet either. A definition that takes the same object and makes it a planet in one location and not a planet in another is essentially useless. Pluto is a planet because it is spherical, meaning it is large enough to be pulled into a round shape by its own gravity–a state known as hydrostatic equilibrium and characteristic of planets, not of shapeless asteroids held together by chemical bonds. These reasons are why many astronomers, lay people, and educators are either ignoring the demotion entirely or working to get it overturned.

  2. dave

    Hmm…it’s a tough one alright…Although my frame of reference is based in Australia where we only have Koala bears which aren’t actually bears. You are quite right though, to use the phrase “Dwarf Planet” would suggest that both of those words were accurate choices to describe what was supposed to be being described (unlike “seahorse” and “black forest gateau”) I guess the moral of the story is that name calling only leads to hurt feelings.

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