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Cycle Length On Clomid, What a tangled web we weave, when first we practice to deceive. Am I right. Ok, I'll elaborate a little...This week I refreshed my memory on why telling a little pork pie here and there can cause much unrest. Not just in my tummy but also in the very fabric of modern society, 250mg Cycle Length On Clomid.

So I have a little sideline from the comics, writing silly poems at work which get posted into a networked poetry folder - we had an offshoot here at roastytoasty called 'Auntie Agatha's Shallow Grave of Poetry' which I will be bringing back as soon as I work out how to display it online.

Anyways, the theme for the week was pride so I wrote a poem called 'Gay Pride' which went as follows: In the jungle, the mighty jungle, the lions play Belgian trance and go antiquing.' Silly really...but certainly not what I would call offensive, Cycle Length On Clomid.

The post was removed the day of its posting which really ground my gears. Cycle Length On Clomid ebay, So I wrote a complaint to the folder moderators. To press the point home, I told them that as a gay man, I found this to be fairly discriminatory; and in my defence, as a gay man, Cycle Length On Clomid india, I'm sure I would find it discriminatory. I'm not gay as far as sexual orientation goes but I am more comfortable with the idea of the “gay” lifestyle than I am with the “Alpha male drink-scratch-monstertruck-football” lifestyle; but I don't feel that sexuality really has much bearing on whether a fairly lightweight poem should or should not be censored. Cycle Length On Clomid, To elaborate further, I'm not sure if you know, but Xbox live has been causing a stir recently by removing any username containing the word gay or lesbian. Microsoft have refused to move on this point; essentially ruling that gay and lesbian are dirty words. 50mg Cycle Length On Clomid, Back to the white lie...So there was a retraction of the retraction and I was advised that there had been some rather unfortunate poems coming through to the folder in the light of the recent Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras so to keep from offending, gay themed posts were removed; but after reading my email, it was allowed to be re-submitted. Now I felt bad enough for my deception and I guess for somehow cheapening my reasoning for getting all up in their business so I apologised for being snappy and made a flimsy excuse about not having enough morning coffee but felt justified in standing up against any broad-sweep censorship being undertaken.

What followed was some rather serious damage control on their part and as each new email came through (establishing their lack of sexual discrimination), Cycle Length On Clomid us, I sank further and further into a malaise of my own creation. I was way in over my head, Cycle Length On Clomid. I felt dirty and ashamed for what I had done but was too far in to admit the lie and clear the air. After about ten emails placating my moral outrage, Cycle Length On Clomid australia, the moderators commented in the folder on the commendable poem that I had written. One had gone so far as to liken my poems to a poetic version of The Far Side – which got me onto the subject of the website (I now promote without even thinking about it). So I gave them the web address, only realising later that there are a few blogs that I've written which describe my amorous misadventures - all quite clearly describing which team I bat for. Cycle Length On Clomid, So what I had ultimately achieved by standing up for those who didn't request it, was a small victory against censorship and discrimination, some possible hurt feelings on behalf of the moderators, a weight of concern for my moral fibre, and the additional concern that my poetry will now be received like the emperors new clothes. “It doesn't matter what the content is, 100mg Cycle Length On Clomid, because it's the emperor, and isn't it great that he is out amongst the people!” Not the desired effect, but machinations have a tendency to get out of hand. Cycle Length On Clomid paypal, So is that what this blog is about. That we sink so far into our own deceptions that it becomes harder and harder to redeem ourselves. Or is it that whilst a little censorship is probably a good thing, a lot is certainly a travesty. Or perhaps it is that we significantly shape our own lives based on the perceptions we let others make, Cycle Length On Clomid. It could just be yet another anecdote of the B-grade situational comedy of errors I continue to let myself get into, 500mg Cycle Length On Clomid. Yep. Probably that one...

So to finish, 200mg Cycle Length On Clomid, I would like to apologise for my misdirection – happy though I am with another blog to post. Cycle Length On Clomid, Even if it does cause me to be “in'd” by any folder moderators that may be reading this. Oh, it is also worth mentioning that because I had been allowed to re-post my poem, the following day somebody else posted a reasonably offensive gay related poem – referencing mine which made me sad. As a gay man, I was seriously offended but thought better than to get back on my high horse. To quote the great Kenny Rogers, "You've got to know when to hold 'em." So I cut my losses and walked away. The moderators removed the post later that day.

Yours sincerely,


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  1. Tom

    Hilarious! I only just found your blog posts but I can’t decide which are funnier the comics or the blog. I frequent the old poetry folder and although I didn’t catch this particular little episode I can imagine. Too funny! Keep it up.

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