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Cipro Reactions Patient, This has to be the hardest blog I've written to date; not because of the content, but because (and I don't think I'm exaggerating) it's eleventy billion degrees in my room. There are pictures on my wall which have taken a dali-esque turn for the worst which I would take down but if I move any more than I currently am I fear I may drown in my own sweat. Oh sure, 40mg Cipro Reactions Patient, you can sit there in your air-conditioned luxury appartment/office and pour scorn on me for being so gross, 750mg Cipro Reactions Patient, but even having scorn poured on me would be refreshing. So so...

To quote the immortal words of Nelly, Cipro Reactions Patient coupon, “It's getting hot in here, 50mg Cipro Reactions Patient, so take off all your clothes – I am getting so hot, I'm gonna take my clothes off.” Now there is a guy who really speaks to me... Although I am slightly concerned with the prophetic nature of his songs, Cipro Reactions Patient. The trend continues with his next album featuring the track “Never Let 'em C U Sweat.” An homage to the very real threat of Global Warming, Cipro Reactions Patient ebay. Who can really tell, 10mg Cipro Reactions Patient, but as a precautionary measure, I'll be very wary of “Thicky Thick Girls” and anything called “Wadsyaname.” I think the last one is some kind of Japanese fighting style.

Now I expect a certain level of burnination living in Australia and I understand that Canberra is not exactly getting the very worst of it, Cipro Reactions Patient australia. When some states are experiencing 46 degree blinders how can I possibly complain about our 31 degrees. Cipro Reactions Patient, The answer is simple. 30mg Cipro Reactions Patient, Outside it may well be 31 degrees but inside my room it's about double that and the mercury keeps rising (well it's all digital these days so I guess the Liquid Crystal Display is rising) So I've been trying to accommodate the blistering sun by watching movies that are set in hot conditions so I can feel like i'm immersed in the film but short of volcanic sauna porn (a very specific niche market) there's not much that even comes close to this. I'd put on something like “Happy Feet” and try the reverse but no matter how much I hate that movie I couldn't do that to innocent penguins.
Now I know what you're thinking, Cipro Reactions Patient us, “So why don't you just go outside?”

Well honestly I'd love to, Cipro Reactions Patient overseas, but it's people like you that keep me here in the very worst of conditions so that I can draw comics to keep you amused. I'm already running behind schedule and am beginning to understand what it means to suffer for one's art. Again, I know what you're thinking, “Well, why didn't you come up with a comic earlier on in the week?” Well you know what.

I'm not even going to dignify that with a response.

Yours sincerely,


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