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Alternatives For Synthroid, So I thought we are well overdue for a good blogging and it's always best to write about what you know, so let's talk for a bit on the subject of love. Specifically the connection shared with two people and following through into the lack of connection between brain and mouth that inevitably follows. Now I should like to point out that I like love; it's good and for the record, some of my best friends are lovers. Alternatives For Synthroid craiglist, That said however, a friend was explaining to me that I have a serious affliction as mentioned above, whereby the strength of my heart tends to cause confusion between the things I think I'm about to say, and the things I actually end up saying; with consistent results. I am told that alcohol seems to make this affliction worse – although I am adamant that the more I drink, 200mg Alternatives For Synthroid, the more charming I become. My younger brother suffers the same affliction and I can confirm that he is definitely more charming when he's drunk; although I'm usually quite charming when I notice it.., Alternatives For Synthroid.

I mention my brother because he was the one who introduced me to the affliction many years ago whilst drinking with me at a nightclub. To protect the innocent, Alternatives For Synthroid india, I am going to call him Billybob. So Billybob had noticed a girl that he knew through friends sitting with a guy, clearly not all that interested in the conversation and sat down next to her asking some sort of equivalent of “Is this clown bothering you?” To which she replied that she knew him but would rather not be talking to him, as he was a bit depressing.

Now the brain kicks in with a suitable response to show this girl that a more rewarding conversation could be achieved in this direction, 50mg Alternatives For Synthroid. Alternatives For Synthroid, Something like, “You are as pretty as you are beautiful,” but somewhere along the way, it got confused in a split-second microscopic game of Chinese whispers and ended up as, “Well maybe if we both wish really hard, we can give him cancer.” (We have to wonder here exactly when common sense decided to get up and walk away). To which she replied,“He's an old family friend and he was just telling me his mother's been diagnosed with cancer.” At this point both his brain and mouth decided to keep very very quiet indeed. He bid her good day, Alternatives For Synthroid mexico, and took his leave...

From that moment I became very aware of the affliction and started compiling a list of things I have learned (the hard way) not to say such as, “I eat bubbles, I like princesses oh so very much, I've seen prettier but not many, Alternatives For Synthroid overseas, and I swear to God if you touch my hand one more time this broken beer bottle is going in your face,” and the classic ice-breaker, “Why do girls wear make-up and perfume. 10mg Alternatives For Synthroid, Because they're ugly and they smell bad.”

Recently I had an encounter where I tried to recover from an attack and save the day only to sabotage myself again to press the point home. I was drinking (again with Billybob) and started talking to a lovely girl about herself or something similar, Alternatives For Synthroid. The conversation was going well until I asked her what she did for a living. “I work in a retirement village,” she said. “So you're a respite worker, 40mg Alternatives For Synthroid, then?” I asked.“No, I'm a receptionist. They just pay me to answer phones and look pretty.” She smiled and paused as if waiting for a response. Alternatives For Synthroid, Now it was very clear to me that she was indeed very pretty and yet I looked at her earnestly and the affliction said,“Well at least answering phones is easy.” Now for people who know me, they would understand the subtleties of that remark and the way it held a mirror up to social interaction in modern society, but to those that don't, it came across a little bitchy... Alternatives For Synthroid coupon, But I showed resolve and tried to ignore it until the end of the night as we stood in the taxi line and I went for double or nothing. “Y'know what, Billybette?” I said, “I didn't instantly hate you.” In retrospect I see now that this implies it took time to work up a loathing... She caught the next cab as quickly as she possibly could, 100mg Alternatives For Synthroid. But I should mention that the man in front of us in the taxi line burst out laughing when I said it. I wonder if I would have had more success with him.., Alternatives For Synthroid. At least he seemed to get me...

So until I can get my own personal Cyrano de Bergerac to proofread any remark I make, I must tread very carefully indeed. But if you are like me and Billybob then I want to tell you that you are not alone. And if you are female I want to let you know what a great big jerk you are.


Yours sincerely,


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